Trainer, writer, and peanut butter aficionado
From a young age I always played sports, soccer, basketball, volleyball, you name it. The only problem I faced was being the fat kid... I was always picked last, never was the star, and never had a chance to shine. It wasn't until high school I found my passion for fitness. 
One summer I decided to change my life around and stop feeling sorry for myself. I quickly studied any and every fat loss program, nutrition guide, and fitness tip I could get my hands on. In a span of 2 months, I dropped 60 lbs! I used to weigh in at 200lbs and transformed myself to a light featherweight of 140lbs. News of my extreme transformation circulated around my school; everyone noticed.
The day one of my good friends asked me what was my secret and wanted me to train them, it clicked in. I was meant to help people achieve a second chance. From dropping 10lbs to increasing strength, or just being able to jog pain-free, I was there to help people get to their goals.
With my personal fat loss and health journey, I was able to first-hand experience the hardship and figure out what worked and what didn't.
Now with over 7 years of experience, I continually challenge myself to learn constantly and translate that knowledge to my clients to better aide in their own journeys.
- Rafal Matuszewski CPT, HKC, TPI, USAW, Precision Nutrition Coach
Meet The Clients
Just your every day people becoming super human in the gym!
  1. Nad
  2. Rebecca
  3. And everyone!
    And everyone!
  4. Angel
  5. Sue
  6. Kyle
  7. Doug