Strong and confident mother.
I have been training with Raf for over 2 years now. He is professional, knowledgable and has designed a wide variety of exceptional programs to help me achieve my very diverse goals ranging from long distance endurance to heavy strength.
I started with Raf as a working mother of 3 young kids who thought running was the only exercise I could fit in to my schedule. I was very weak and imbalanced in my upper body and becoming plagued with minor running injuries. Raf has showed me that there is much more to training than running 6 days a week. I now run a max. of 2 days a week and am faster than I ever was before. 
 I have gained a very significant amount of functional strength throughout my journey so far. However, what I am most grateful for, more than being faster or stronger is the invaluable sense of self confidence and mental strength Raf has helped me  achieve. I have a greater appreciation for everything in life as well as an improved ability to remain positive even when life throws a curve ball. All of this makes me a better mom, wife, friend, employee etc. I have always attempted to model a healthy lifestyle for my children and hope to show them that strong and capable beats skinny and frail any day.
- Hilary
Everyday Mom, that can outlift you!
Rafal is my friend but first he was my trainer. Dependable. Consistent. Innovative. Professional. Knowledgeable. These are just a few of the adjectives that describe my experience training with Raf.
He has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. He saw my potential and created a program to get me there. I have enjoyed every program he has created.
He has made training challenging and fun and when I was injured, he worked around it and I still saw progress. Raf has more than met my expectations all the way through.

 - Rachel
Up and coming horse jumper champion! 
  I started training with Rafal in 2012 based upon a recommendation from my horse-back-riding coach. When I started I thought that I was in good shape because I was active and constantly on my feet, however, I lacked real strength as I had never been in a strength training program before. Over the past few years I have made huge improvements that have made me stronger as an individual, and I have also seen noticeable improvements in my riding.
I remember the first time that my training program included push-ups and I felt embarrassed that I could only do push-ups on my knees to a bench. Now I am able to do at least 30 floor push-ups a session. I also hit a huge milestone for myself last year when I was able to do unassisted chin-ups. The training programs are specifically designed to reach one’s personal goals. In terms of my riding, I was able to reach my goal of competing in the 1.40m jumpers last summer and was the BCHJA 1.30-1.40m Jr/Am year end champion for 2014. I know that the training that I do with Rafal makes me a stronger, more confident person, and better athlete.
- Melissa
Super Mom.
For roughly three years I have been training with Rafal. His guidance and coaching have taken me to postpartum and beyond!
My sessions have always appropriately challenged me and I have conquered physical feats I never dreamed as possible. I am proud of what my body and mind can do and love what I see in the mirror.
Rafal's patience, passion for his profession and belief in his clients have allowed us all to become something we never thought possible.

- Sarah
Cycling King
I have been training with Raf for a couple years now and at the age of 53 have never been in better shape.  I am stronger, more fit and mentally more prepared for challenges than ever before. Going into my training with Raf we discussed my fitness and training goals for biking, cardio and nutrition.   When I reach these goals he keeps raising the bar!  I love it.
Raf is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of proper metabolic, strength and nutrition.  Not many trainers are able to provide everything it takes (the whole package) to maximize results with effective workouts and eating habits.  Having worked with him on all levels I have become a healthier and happier person. 
As a business owner with a hectic calendar I really appreciate the flexibility that Raf has in accommodating training schedules.  If I miss a week there is always an opportunity to catch up another day.    A small thing I know but really makes a difference in staying on track. 
Thanks for everything Raf.  I am really looking forward to this year’s challenges and goals.  Let’s raise the bar again! 

- Rob