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Learn Foundational Nutrition Habits For Long Term Success
Stop falling for quick fix crash diets that end up causing more harm than good to your body.
What is the Transformation Challenge?
Many diet programs out there give you this false hope that you'll lose weight and keep it off with minimal effort and time. I hate that...

The Transformation Challenge is more like an 8-week course. It educates you on what to eat, how much to eat, how much exercise is needed, and it's all done at a pace that feels simple and easy.

I believe weight loss shouldn't be complicated. The Transformation Challenge is exactly that. Simple and easy to follow.
How it works

Habit Based Nutrition

Rather than giving you a set of 30+ rules to follow on what to eat and what not to eat, you will be given a habit to focus on each week. As each week is completed you advance to the next. 

Habits That Stick!

Ever forget to brush your teeth? Well it doesnt happen often. Learning a new habit that is geared towards health and weight loss will stick, compared to set of strict rules and restrictions. 

8 Weeks For Long Term Success!

After the challenge you will be set up with an aresenal of healthy habits that will continue with you. Even after the challenge you will continue to see success and progress. Does any crash diet promise that? I don't think so!
What About Exercise?
Follow a scientifically proven training method to burn fat!
It's called the rule of four. Four workouts per week; two strength workouts and two metabolic resistance workouts is the recipe for long term fat loss.

In this challenge you will be given a specific "Lean Machine" program to follow along during the challenge. As your body changes to new habits, you'll be given a program that changes along with your body's progress. 
A Special Message!
Let me explain to you why this challenge will change your life not only in 8 weeks, but in the long run. 
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